Mapping the Circular Economy

Trace was created with the aim of mapping and chronicling the Circular Economy.

Trace sets out to gather established ideas, projects or initiatives which already subscribe to the circular economy model, going beyond the traditional linear concept of take-make-consume-dispose to explore new models of sustainable growth and development.

Trace was born into an evolutionary mindset that is constantly being updated, one that is designed to involve and bring together visionaries, pioneers and first movers of the Circular Economy, whether they are technicians, professionals, academics, public administrators, start-uppers, entrepreneurs or large businesses.

Trace is a platform which enables you to grasp the dynamics at work in the strategic landscape of the Circular Economy, while keeping track of the initiatives with the most significant impact, be it economic, social or environmental. More specifically, Trace’s dual target consists of:

  • Professional talents: experts, professionals, teachers, researchers, students, journalists and influencers who have studied, explored, applied and disseminated the theme of the Circular Economy (Call for Talents);
  • Projects: start-ups, SMEs, large companies, associations, universities, institutions and anyone who has implemented tangible initiatives, whether big or small, in the Circular Economy (Call for Initiatives).

Trace sets out to establish ongoing supervision of the experiences put forward by keeping a close watch over areas of interest, emerging trends, key factors in success stories, and the most significant elements of innovation. This includes the periodic publication of infographics, reports, and analysis, designed to develop and disseminate activities for good and best practice.

Lastly, Trace aims to become a physical and virtual meeting place for all the key figures in the Circular Economy in Italy, offering important opportunities for meeting, sharing, collaborating and networking.